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BR Parents: No Santa Here (Except When He Is)

“What are you asking Santa to bring you for Christmas?” Strangers in the grocery store and well-meaning friends at church ask my daughters this question without fail throughout December. My girls can usually answer, translating the question to the more appropriate “What do you want for Christmas?” We walk a fine line because we don’t “do” Santa at our house despite being very much an Advent and Christmas celebrating family. Santa is not my tradition, as the miracle of Christmas is far greater than any funny, magical character. It can be hard for my girls to be different though, and the whole world seems to conspire to make kids believe in the Jolly Old Elf. Read the rest on the Baton Rouge Parents magazine website .

BR Parents: Into the Unknown: Finding Inspiration in Frozen 2

My birthday almost always falls during Thanksgiving break, and this year, my girls and I went to see Frozen 2 as a celebration (and then I ate a bunch of queso!). I didn’t think I would like the movie as much as I did. In the week since seeing it, I’ve listened to the soundtrack a couple times, read some reviews and reactions. And I like it even more. Being the mom of two daughters, I am drawn to stories about sisters. I am also one of two sisters myself. Frozen 2 continues the narrative thread of Elsa and Anna, flashing back to childhood and even beyond to their parents and grandfather’s lives to provide the plot line and enrich the storytelling. Read the rest on the Baton Rouge Parents magazine website .

Mari Walker, Communications Professional

Mari Walker Mari Walker is a communications professional with extensive experience writing, editing and managing projects for NOAA, Research!America, the University of Maryland and Oklahoma State University. I have more than a decade of experience as web master, social media manager, editor and writer in these jobs and more recently through freelance and volunteer work. I have a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Maryland and a bachelor of arts in news editorial journalism from Oklahoma State University. I live with my family in Baton Rouge, LA. Recently I’ve worked on freelance projects as writer, project manager, copy editor, web editor and content developer for Baton Rouge Parents Magazine , LSU’s Center for Computation & Technology, Jameson Communications, Research!America, Neel-Schaffer, LSU Campus Club and St. John’s United Methodist Church. I would love to discuss your communications needs. Please email me to start the conversation .

BR Parents Feature: 2019 Holiday Happenings

I researched and wrote briefs about more than 100 holiday events taking place around the state of Louisiana. From shopping to making your days merry and bright, jingle your way through this season of cheer with some of the many amazing holiday happenings around Louisiana. We’ve tracked down a sleigh-full of options for you and your little reindeer to enjoy as you make another year of memories. Happy holidays from all of us at Baton Rouge Parents Magazine ! Read the entire feature on the Baton Rouge Parents Magazine website .

BR Parents Exceptional Lives: A Different Kind of Strength

Brady Larson was two and a half when his parents, Sherry Carpenter Larson and Eric Larson, received the devastating news that he has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The genetic disorder is characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. Brady, now eight, will soon be in a wheelchair full-time. The third grader at Denham Springs Elementary doesn’t let his diagnosis slow him down. He receives physical and occupational therapy and adaptive PE at school and regularly travels to Cincinnati to be monitored by specialists. Initially, the Larsons’ former pediatrician assured Sherry nothing was wrong despite missed milestones. During a session, a physical therapist said Brady looked like he had muscular dystrophy. “I just remember leaving so mad at her, like how dare you tell me that my son has muscular dystrophy,” Sherry says. Read the rest on the Baton Rouge Parents Magazine website .

BR Parents: One Amazing Kid Condoleezza Semien

What makes you happy? Fourteen-year-old Condoleezza Semien took that question and created an entire business, Beluga Bliss. “I came up with the name because when you say ‘beluga mad,’ you start laughing because it’s not possible,” Condoleezza says. “That’s where the bliss comes in, so I thought that was funny.” The McKinley High School ninth grader is a graduate of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Baton Rouge. Her business idea was chosen by the academy’s Shark Tank -style investor panel to continue onto a larger competition in Rochester, where Condoleezza won people’s choice. Read the rest on the Baton Rouge Parents Magazine website .

BR Parents: December 2019

As Community and Education sections editor, I wrote pages 16 to 25 of the December 2019 issue of Baton Rouge Parents Magazine . See the web layout on the magazine's website . I also wrote  Pathways to Parenting: Color Blindness , Exceptional Lives: A Different Kind of Strength and 2019 Holiday Happenings .