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BR Parents - One Amazing Kid: Jorden Wingerter

 First published in the August 2021 issue of Baton Rouge Parents magazine and on its website.

After picking up bowling less than two years before, Jordan Wingerter quickly advanced in the sport to finish second in the Louisiana High School Athletic Association State bowling singles tournament as a freshman and bowled her new high score of 255.

“My dad is the one who really made me realize I have such a passion for this sport,” Jordan, 15, says. Although no one else in her family bowls, her parents, David Wingerter and Susan David, and older brother Logan recognize and support Jordan’s natural talent.

Now a tenth grader at St. Joseph’s Academy, Jordan’s school coach Shelly O’Dowd has also been a driver of Jordan’s success. “I never knew that she was going to have such high expectations for me or that I could perform so well,” Jordan says. 

Jordan also works with a personal coach, Page Dew. “He’s also one of the main reasons I perform so well and has helped me learn many important life lessons.”

Bowling during COVID-19 restrictions added a new challenge of competing in a mask. Although players were allowed to remove their masks for their approach, Jordan kept hers on the whole time.

The sport’s season stretches from February through the summer, with school and league competitions, so Jordan hasn’t participated in other high school sports. Jordan loves to read, and math is one of her favorite subjects. This amazing kid plans to continue to bowl competitively and hopes to earn college scholarships.