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Life Among Women: What to Expect at Your First Diabetes Center Visit

I met with Ellie, a diabetes nurse educator, and Sara, a dietitian, at the Woman’s Hospital Diabetes Center about a week after I failed the three-hour glucose test. I was surprised when I called to schedule the appointment that someone actually answered the phone – there’s no answering service like I’m used to with my doctor’s office. I was instructed to bring my glucose meter and supplies with me. I had a lot of trouble getting those from the pharmacy because my insurance would only pay for a specific brand (or at least that’s what my pharmacist thought). I ended up getting a name brand machine, meaning the test strips are more expensive. But so far insurance is covering that so other than the initial hassle that was OK. Read the rest at Woman's Hospital's "Life Among Women" blog . (Called Mommy-Go-Round when published.)

Life Among Women: Gestational Diabetes Diary

Gestational diabetes is just what it sounds like – diabetes that arises during gestation. It’s usually diagnosed with a glucose challenge (the dreaded orange drink test) around week 24-28 of the pregnancy. Most women pass the test no problem and continue with their normal pregnancies. (That’s what happened to me with my first pregnancy in 2011 – no GD and a healthy, full-term baby girl.) Because of my risk factors – obesity and diagnosed insulin resistance and PCOS – I was tested early at week 17 of my second pregnancy. After I failed the one hour glucose challenge I had to take the longer three-hour glucose screening. I failed that too so officially had a diagnosis of gestational diabetes in early October. Because it was caught so early that means I have twice as long to monitor my eating and test my blood sugar four times a day than a normal diagnosis around week 28. Woe! Read the rest on Woman's Hospital's "Life Among Women" blog . (Called Mommy-Go-