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BR Parents Blog: Child’s Play: Don’t Hate the Playa OR the Game

“Mama, will you play with me?”

The question can sometimes sink me like a stone, especially if I’m in the midst of a work project or otherwise doing something I want or need to do.

Read a book? Sure. Play a board game? I can manage that. Take you on adventures to play spaces, museums, story times, the zoo and more? I do those kinds of things a lot, as my Facebook wall can attest.

But playing? It’s not a skill at which I excel.

I try to play with my girls, I really do. But often I find myself at a loss.

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BR Parents Exceptional Lives: My Life: After Attempting Suicide

Emma Benoit is ascending.

 The 19-year-old graduated from Dutchtown High School in 2018, but the summer before her senior year was when her life changed forever.

“I was 16 and dealing with a lot of depression and a lot of anxiety but I didn’t know what those things were,” Benoit says. “I was so confused about the way I was feeling.”

 Life felt too much to bear, and on June 7, 2017, Benoit shot herself in the chest. “By the grace of God, I’m still here,” Benoit says of surviving suicide.

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BR Parents: October 2019

As Community and Education sections editor, I wrote pages 16 through 25 of the October 2019 issue of Baton Rouge Parents Magazine. See the layout on themagazine's website.

I wrote Pathways to Parenting: Understanding Celiac Disease and Exceptional Lives: My Life After Attempting Suicide.

BR Parents One Amazing Kid: Emma Edmonds

At age seven, Emma Edmonds is already an accomplished gymnast. The second grader at Bethany Christian School is passionate about the sport and competing with her Pristine Performance Academy team.

“She started when she was four years old,” says Stephanie Edmonds, Emma’s mom. “She started riding her bicycle when she was three without training wheels, so we just knew she had a great sense of balance. We decided to see what piqued her interest.”

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