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Life Among Women: A Mama’s Choice: Getting Started Breastfeeding

Before I was pregnant with my second daughter, I read a book called “The Wife,” and copied down this quote:

“Whenever I was nursing, I felt as if there was nothing else in the world I needed to be doing. It didn’t matter to me in those moments that I had no career of my own, no standing in the world. I was a nursing mother, and that was all I had to be.”

The book wasn’t that great, and I certainly don’t feel like I have no standing in the world or career of my own. But I loved this quote because being a nursing mother was so important to my identity as a mother when my first daughter was small. It’s proving to be true for my younger daughter as well.

Read the rest on Woman's Hospital's "Life Among Women" blog. (Called Mommy-Go-Round when first published.)